Where Can I Get Tips On Minimalist Living And Cleaning?

Looking to simplify your life and keep your living space clutter-free? Look no further! This article is here to guide you on your journey to minimalist living and provide you with expert tips on how to maintain a clean and organized home. Whether you’re a beginner or already familiar with the minimalist lifestyle, you’ll find practical advice and innovative ideas to help you create a calm and tranquil living environment. Say goodbye to excess stuff and hello to a more simplified way of living. If you’re looking for tips and inspiration on minimalist living and cleaning, you’re in luck! There are various sources available to assist you in your journey towards a simpler and more organized lifestyle. From blogs and books to social media channels and classes, there are many avenues to explore. Let’s dive into each category and discover the wealth of resources at your fingertips.

Blogs and Websites

Popular minimalist living blogs

When it comes to minimalist living, there are several influential blogs that offer valuable insights and advice. Blogs such as “The Minimalists” and “Be More with Less” have captivated audiences with their personal stories and practical tips on simplifying life. These blogs cover a wide range of topics, from decluttering and organizing your belongings to embracing minimalism as a mindset and way of life.

Blogs focused on minimalist cleaning

For those seeking specific guidance on minimalist cleaning techniques, there are blogs like “Clean My Space” and “Becoming Minimalist” that delve into this topic. These blogs not only provide tips on efficient cleaning routines but also emphasize the importance of a minimalist approach to cleaning, highlighting the benefits of using fewer products and maintaining a clutter-free space.

Websites with tips on both minimalist living and cleaning

If you prefer a comprehensive resource that covers both minimalist living and cleaning, websites like “Zen Habits” and “No Sidebar” are excellent choices. These websites curate a wealth of articles written by experts in the field of minimalism, offering practical advice on simplifying all aspects of your life, including cleaning and organizing.

Book Recommendations

Bestselling books on minimalist living

Books have long been a go-to source for knowledge and inspiration, and minimalist living is no exception. Bestselling titles like “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo and “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by Greg McKeown have become guidebooks for many individuals seeking to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle. These books provide valuable insights and practical strategies to help you declutter your physical and mental space.

Books with tips specifically on minimalist cleaning

If you’re looking for books that focus specifically on minimalist cleaning, “Simply Clean” by Becky Rapinchuk and “The Joy of Less Cleaning” by Francine Jay are highly recommended. These books offer step-by-step instructions and expert advice on streamlining your cleaning routine, using eco-friendly products, and maintaining a clutter-free home effortlessly.

Social Media Channels

Minimalist living influencers on Instagram

Instagram has become a hub for visual inspiration, and minimalist living is no exception. There are numerous influencers dedicated to sharing their minimalist journeys and offering tips along the way. Accounts like “minimalistbaker” and “minimalistmoments” showcase beautifully curated spaces and provide practical advice for incorporating minimalism into your life.

YouTube channels dedicated to minimalist cleaning

YouTube is a treasure trove of videos on a wide range of topics, including minimalist cleaning. Channels like “Clean My Space” and “The Minimal Mom” offer detailed tutorials, product recommendations, and cleaning hacks specifically tailored to the minimalist lifestyle. These channels make cleaning enjoyable and efficient, allowing you to maintain a clutter-free and simplified living space.


Podcasts discussing minimalist living

Podcasts have grown in popularity in recent years, and there are several shows that explore the principles and benefits of minimalist living. “The Minimalists Podcast” hosted by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus engages in deeper conversations about minimalism, providing practical tips and thought-provoking insights. “The Slow Home Podcast” hosted by Brooke McAlary takes a holistic approach, exploring intentional living, sustainability, and minimalism.

Podcasts covering minimalist cleaning tips

If you’re seeking podcasts that focus specifically on minimalist cleaning, “The Simple Cleaning Method” hosted by Angela Brown is a fantastic choice. Angela shares practical tips and strategies for efficient cleaning, highlighting the benefits of minimalism in maintaining a clean and organized home. “The Zen Clean Podcast” hosted by Asha Singleton explores the intersection of minimalism and cleaning, offering guidance on decluttering, simplifying routines, and creating a harmonious living space.

Classes and Workshops

Local community center classes on minimalist living

Local community centers often offer classes and workshops that cover various topics, including minimalist living. These classes are a wonderful opportunity to learn from experts in person and network with like-minded individuals. You’ll gain practical knowledge, discover new strategies for decluttering, and establish connections within your community.

Workshops focused on decluttering and cleaning in a minimalist way

If you’re specifically interested in workshops that delve into decluttering and cleaning in a minimalist way, organizations like “Simplify My Space” and “The Minimalist Cleaning Workshop” host immersive events. These workshops provide hands-on experience, practical guidance, and expert advice on effectively decluttering and maintaining a minimalist home.

Online Forums and Communities

Active online forums for minimalist living discussions

Online forums provide a platform for individuals to connect, ask questions, and share experiences related to minimalist living. Forums like “The Minimalists Community” and “Reddit – Minimalism” offer a space where you can engage in conversations with those who share your enthusiasm for simplifying life. You’ll find valuable insights, tips, and support from a community that understands your journey.

Communities with dedicated sections for minimalist cleaning advice

If you’re specifically seeking advice on minimalist cleaning within online communities, platforms like “Clean It Simple” and “Minimalist Forum” have dedicated sections for discussing cleaning routines and maintenance tips aligned with minimalist principles. These communities foster a supportive environment, where you can ask questions, share your challenges, and receive guidance on all things related to minimalist cleaning.

Professional Organizers

Hiring professional organizers specializing in minimalism

Sometimes, it can be beneficial to seek assistance from professionals who specialize in minimalism and organization. Hiring a professional organizer can alleviate the stress and overwhelm associated with decluttering and maintaining a minimalist space. These experts will guide you through the process, help you identify your priorities, and create customized systems tailored to your needs.

Organizers that offer guidance on minimalist cleaning

When searching for professional organizers, look for those who also offer guidance specifically on minimalist cleaning. These organizers possess the knowledge and skills necessary to create efficient cleaning routines, recommend sustainable cleaning products, and help you maintain a clutter-free environment. They will provide invaluable insights and support on your minimalist journey.

Publications and Magazines

Magazines featuring articles on minimalist living

Magazines like “Real Simple” and “Minimalism Life Magazine” regularly feature articles on minimalist living. These publications delve into a wide range of topics, including decluttering, organizing, and embracing simplicity in various aspects of life. By subscribing to these magazines, you’ll receive a wealth of valuable information and inspiration delivered right to your doorstep.

Publications with cleaning tips aligned with minimalist principles

If you prefer publications that specifically focus on minimalist cleaning, “Good Housekeeping” and “Simple Cleaning” are excellent choices. These publications provide tips, product recommendations, and step-by-step guides for maintaining a clean and clutter-free home using minimalist principles. With these resources, you’ll gain the knowledge and motivation to adopt a simplified cleaning routine.

Documentaries and TV Shows

Documentaries exploring minimalist lifestyles

Documentaries have a unique ability to inspire and educate viewers, and several documentaries explore the concept of minimalist living. “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things” and “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” are widely acclaimed documentaries that delve into the impact of material possessions on our lives, and the benefits of embracing minimalism.

TV shows with episodes that focus on minimalist cleaning strategies

Television shows like “Clean House” and “Get Organized with The Home Edit” feature episodes dedicated to minimalist cleaning strategies. These shows walk you through the transformation of cluttered and disorganized spaces into streamlined and minimalist environments. By watching these episodes, you’ll gain practical tips and inspiration for incorporating minimalist cleaning into your own home.

Minimalist Living and Cleaning Apps

Apps providing tips and guidance for minimalist living

In our digital age, smartphone apps have become invaluable resources for various aspects of life, including minimalism. Apps like “Declutter The Mind” and “Forest – Stay Focused” help you simplify your thoughts and create a focused mindset. Additionally, apps like “Minimalist Wallpapers” provide aesthetically pleasing backgrounds that can inspire simplicity throughout your day.

Apps specifically designed for minimalist cleaning routines

If you’re seeking apps that specifically cater to minimalist cleaning routines, “BrightNest” and “FlyLady” are excellent choices. These apps offer schedules, reminders, and step-by-step guides for maintaining a clean and clutter-free home. By utilizing these apps, you’ll streamline your cleaning routine and establish habits that align with minimalist principles.

In conclusion, the abundance of resources available both online and offline ensures that there is no shortage of tips and guidance for minimalist living and cleaning. Whether you prefer reading blogs and books, engaging with social media content, attending classes and workshops, seeking professional assistance, or exploring various forms of media, there’s something for everyone. With these resources at your disposal, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on your minimalist journey and create a clutter-free and simplified living space.